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Blueberries are an excellent choice for the home orchard. Once established they are low maintenance and the fruit are low enough on the bushes for children to pick and enjoy fresh.

Planting; Blueberries purchased in pots may be planted at any time. They have an established root system to support them. Bare root blueberries should be planted between December 1, and March 15, to give them time to grow roots to support new leaves.

Spacing; Plant the bushes seven foot apart in rows wide enough to allow you to mow between the rows.

Fertilization; Blueberries that are bearing produce the best with a soil PH of 4.0. Lowering soil PH is a slow process. Have your soil tested and follow the directions for lowering it.
Your soil test may also indicate the type and amount of fertilizer needed. Their is a fertilizer blended especially for blueberries and is available at our nursery.

Mulching; The best mulch for blueberries is pine bark. Fresh pine bark has a PH of about 4.6. Mulching with this helps keep the soil at the best PH. Mulching also helps with water retention.

Moisture requirements; New plants need to be watered regularly to keep the roots from drying out. Do not over water. Excessive watering will cause roots to rot. You will have to determine the amount of water needed by your soil's ability to retain moisture. Our nursery can help you with blueberry irrigation.
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