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Many people say that they have trouble growing figs. The main complaint is that they plant it and it never grows. As a result of this they give up.

What can we do to correct this situation?

1. Choose the right fig. The list at the right will help you do this.

2. My tree died back. Fig trees are cold hardy to about 15 to 20 degrees F. Young trees may receive freeze damage at higher temperatures, but exposure will help lower this temperature to 15-20 degrees F. Because figs will freeze back they are often grown as bushes rather than trees. Incorrect fertilization may also cause non-dormant wood to freeze more easily.

3. Fertilization; This is a subject with controversy. Some say fertilize while other say no. Your choice. Personally, I have had better results with applying a small amount of fertilizer in April. Apply a balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10 with minor elements. Different soil types will require different applications of fertilizer. Fresh growth will freeze back very easily. Be sure your program gives the plant time to harden off before leaf drop.

4. Irrigation; Apply water as needed. To determine the need, find out what your soil type is and how long it holds water. Apply enough water to maintain a damp soil. Saturated soil will cause root rot, while too dry a soil will let the roots dry out and they will not absorb the moisture the plant needs. A trick I have used to help determine this is to plant a annual at the base of the plant that requires about the same amount of water. If it wilts, I water.

5. Pest(s); Figs have a number of pest(s) but normally they do not have to be sprayed to control them. The one spray I would recommend is a dormant oil application in December and January.

6. Light requirement; Plant figs in full sun. Do not remove leaves that protect the bark. They need these to protect from sun scald.

7. Pruning; Remove dead wood. Any live wood removal should be done immediately after the fruit is picked. Be careful doing this because you can easily prune off next years crop.


                                      FRUIT                                     RIPENING

NAME                           COLOR            SIZE                  DATE

Celeste                         Light Brown       Sm-Med             July

Brown Turkey                Bronze             Med-Lg               July

Alma                              Brown              Medium               July-August

LSU Purple                    Purple              Sm-Med              August

Mission                          Black                Large                  Summer-Fall


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