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July 2018

Summer. Summer. Summer. Too hot to work in the yard. Flowers are wilting and if not careful the grass is turning brown. Is this what your summer seems like it is going to be? Well, maybe with a little planning we can change some of this thought.

First there is a special holiday in the month of July. The fourth. A day our forefathers decided to do it their own way and not the way of someone else. As a result of this decision the United States of America was born and Americans have been discussing how to improve our country ever since. No matter where you are in the discussion, take time to enjoy the fourth and celebrate it with others.

Now that we have a reason to look forward to the month of July, may I suggest a few ways to make life easier if the days are going to be so hot. Do your yard work early in the morning and late in the evening. These are the coolest times of the day.

The lawn is better watered in the early morning. The day is going to dry it out so be sure to water deep. Shallow watered lawns will brown because the water does not reach the root system where nutrients are taken up.

Cut the lawn in the evening if possible. Be sure to cut it no closer than two inches. The blades of the grass are needed to shade the soil to help cool it so that water does not evaporate.

Now what about the shrubs and flowers? The same watering procedure should be used for these. If you are wondering if they have enough water, check the soil. How far down in the soil is the water. If it is dry two inches down, you need to water. Mulch will help to retain water around your plants. Try to water without wetting the plants if possible. They do not need a bath. Water on the leaves will spread fungus.

As far as hanging baskets go, have you ever noticed that the water runs right through the soil when applied? This usually means that the soil has lost its ability to hold moisture. The best way to correct this is to sit the plant in a container of water for two to three hours. This will allow the soil to absorb water. Take it out and let it drain well. Now is probably a good time for a small amount of fertilizer also.

Don’t forget the garden. Weeds that mature will leave seeds for new ones next year. If nothing else keep it mowed.

Now that we have handled the morning and evening, let’s enjoy the rest of the day at the beach, lake, by the pool or maybe a trip to the ice cream shop. Me, I am going to stay close to the air conditioner as possible.

Remember we are here at Maphis Nursery & Tree Farm to help you be successful in the yard and garden.

850-638-8243 located at 1534 Orange Hill Road, Chipley, FL.

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