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Landscape Gardens and More in the Florida Panhandle

JUNE 2019

It’s been seven months since Michael visited us and his impact is still being felt. The weather has turned hot and dry, bringing a new set of issues for our yards. If we haven’t cleaned up debris and downed limbs, trees, etc. it needs to be of utmost importance. Fires could be our next major concern.

The unusually high temperatures we are experiencing is increasing the demand our plants have for water. There are many ways to ensure our plants are getting adequate water without breaking the bank so to speak. Contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

We have begun harvesting our vegetables and freezing them or canning them. If you need assistance with canning there is a lady in the county agent’s office that can help you with this. I always got the information from mom or granny but they are no longer here to advise me.

Once the garden is finished be sure to remove the old plants to eliminate the materials that pest need for survival until next year.

In the orchard the peaches, plums, blueberries and many other things are ripe for harvesting. Enjoy them but remember your care for the orchard is not over at harvest time. A late fertilization, removal of unused fruit and other debris will help you eliminate pest for next year. Keep the grass mowed and treat the fire ants.

Hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day. Best wishes from Maphis Nursery and Tree Farm. 850-638-8243.

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