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Landscapes, Gardens & More in the Florida Panhandle

March 2020

Spring is almost here. Your potatoes are planted…maybe. If not, you still have time to plant them. Hopefully your garden soil is ready and you have done a soil sample. I just got mine back and the soil is in good shape for a garden this year. I just need to go ahead and plant the greens, broccoli, and such before it warms up. The tomatoes and pepper seeds are already in cups germinating for later transplants. The soil temperature is still low. It needs to be at least 65 degrees for the seeds to sprout. That is not too far off, so go ahead and get your other seeds and get ready for a beautiful spring garden.

If you are gardening in raised beds you should be preparing them for spring planting. You may need to top them off with compost. Don’t forget to visit us and purchase your minor minerals. Bed soil does not retain these well. You need to add a pound per 4 ft x 8 ft bed. Also, your garden fertilizer should contain minors for your plant’s health.

The orchard is blooming, and the late frost might get some of the blossoms and small fruit, but hopefully not. We have a plum called Segundo that had already bloomed out when we got that 23 degree weather. You should see them now…the fruit held! Looks like a bumper crop this year. Don’t forget to spray your trees with fruit tree spray as soon as the blossoms drop. You can visit us at and choose the plant care tab. There you will find the spray schedule and fertilization schedule for you fruit trees. Look around the base of your trees and treat any fire ants, as they can be detrimental to your fruit and trees. It is not too late to plant new trees in your orchard. Be sure you choose the ones for our area as some vendors will sell you ones that do not preform well here.

If we can be of assistance, please contact us at 850-638-8243 by phone or text. Visit us on the web at or visit us at 1534 Orange Hill Rd. Chipley, FL 32428.

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