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Landscapes, Gardens & More in the Florida Panhandle

MAY 2019

Spring has sprung and we are so excited to see green again. It has been very bare since Michael’s visit. We are working with our landscapes and trying to decide what would be best to plant. For those of you who do not want to plant large trees, you may consider some ornamental trees that range from 6 to 20 feet as well as fruit trees. Keep in mind that any plant you buy in a pot should have a complete root system and can be planted any time during the year. We will be glad to recommend different varieties that would work in your landscape.

We have planted our raised beds and the vegetables are growing. If you still haven’t planted (as many of us haven’t) make sure to add your minor minerals to your bed. We have plenty in stock.

Your grass has begun to grow, and it is time to fertilize. Make sure you use a fertilizer that is formulated for your grass type. For instance, Centipede Grass likes a low pH (acidic) soil so choose something that will keep your pH in the recommended range.

Continue your spray program for peaches, plums and nectarines. If you aren’t spraying, you should be seeing a clear jelly-like substance on the outside of your fruit. This is where the plum curculio (a snout beetle) has already invaded your fruit and laid her eggs. These eggs will eventually hatch, and the worms will go to the pit of your fruit. We have a free spray schedule on our website to aid you and will be more than glad to answer any questions you have.

Please check with us here at Maphis Nursery and Tree Farm, for all your plant needs. You may contact us at 850-638-8243, or come by and see us at 1534 Orange Hill Road in Chipley.

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