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November 2018

October the month of change. Cooler temperatures arrived on Sunday morning the 21 st of October. Brenda and I awoke to 55 degrees and the pleasant sound of a generator running. Pleasant because without it the coffee pot would not be working. Church services are being held today under the pavilion at Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church at 10 am. We will be there. Now what does this have to do with Landscapes and gardening?

The landscape of panhandle Florida changed Wednesday October 10 th as a category 4 hurricane named Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Fl. Washington county is some distance from the landfall area but the damage to homes, businesses and forest was tremendous. All the counties between Washington and Mexico Beach were devastated along with those the other side of it. Recovery will be a long time.

I read the thoughts of many people on Facebook regarding the storm and feeling they had about recovery efforts and how it affected them. Reading these comments I realized that the landscape of our minds has also changed. Small community kitchens were set up to feed family and neighbors. People helped their neighbors instead of cleaning up their own homes. Checked on people that they normally only see from a distance. Went and checked on homes for people who evacuated or lived in another state. Brought someone a generator or invited people to come and get water where a generator was powering a pump.

Yes the landscape of the panhandle has changed and also the landscape of our minds. Watch as the landscape changes with tree removal, home repair, and nature’s regrowth of the forest and our feeling of well-being and normal returns.

Remember that our God will not bring us to anything that he cannot bring us through. Power is back on to many of our neighbors and I can see the street light glowing in the distance. Hope is the promise that will bring us all through this change.

We are here at Maphis Nursery and Tree Farm to help you in any way we can. Contact us at 850-638-8243, or come and see us at 1534 Orange Hill RD, Chipley, Florida.

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