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Landscapes, Gardens & More in the Florida Panhandle

September 2019

Well, I must apologize for not writing an article last month, but vacation and other things got in the way. To start with, a report on the fishing from the last time. Brenda and I went to Lake Talquin and enjoyed the fireworks show that they had. We fished and caught plenty of bream and Tommy, our son, caught a few bass. It was a successful trip and we had a good time.

Now for the month of September. It is time to get your fall garden ready. If you have raised beds, make sure you see us to get the minor minerals that need to be added prior to planting. Near the end of September get ready to plant your greens and such. Collards, broccoli and cauliflower are some of the staples of the fall garden along with mustard, turnips and onions. The first of October have your lettuce & spinach ready and get it in the ground/bed. They like cooler weather. Kale, radishes and carrots are also excellent choices for the fall garden in late September. Be sure and put plenty of fertilizer under them and keep them watered if it does not rain.

Don’t forget the orchard. Weeding and keeping it clean this time of year will make sure it is ready in the spring as well as making it easier to prune if needed in November. Look at your orchard to see if anything needs replacing or added. Order the fruit trees now and have them on hand. You can plant them now or wait a while. Don’t forget about the fire ants in the orchard. Always keep fire ants killed as they can kill your plants/trees.

Don’t forget, if you need help with the garden or the orchard we are here. You can call or text at 850-638-8243 or come and see us at Maphis Nursery and Tree Farm 1534 Orange Hill Road here at Chipley, Fl.

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