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Apples are not hard to grow in the panhandle since the introduction of low-chill varieties. Like most other fruit they will take special care in order to produce delicious disease free fruit.

Planting and Spacing:

Apples prefer deep well drained soils. Trees should be planted on 20' x 20' spacing.


Apples grow well when trimmed to a modified leader system. As we grow older and prefer not to be on a ladder, apples also produce well in a vase pruning form much like peaches.


Newly planted trees need 1/2 pound of 10-10-10 with minors in January and again in June. Older trees need one pound per year of age applied in January and June up to 15 pounds per application.

Disease control:

Follow the spray schedule under Plant Care. If you have special situations contact our nursery or your County Agent.

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