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Landscapes, Gardens & More in the Florida Panhandle

June 2018

Last month we celebrated “Mother’s Day”. A very special day set aside to honor our mothers for all they did and continue to do. A call if we could not be with them, a card, or a time we take them out for a special meal because it is their day and we do not want them to cook. We make them a queen for the day because of all they mean to us but this month we celebrate “Father’s Day”. All of us fathers have a special understanding of this day but have you ever thought about how our wives and children see it?

From their point of view, my father was the man that was always there. He was the one who made the impossible possible. A quiet man that was always up to the challenge. His advice when I got married was simple but factual. “Marriage is like a bed of roses, beautiful flowers but remember the thorns.” Many things he said and I have kept close.

Now how does the wife see “Father’s Day”? (According to Brenda). It’s a day to honor the father of our children, a man who works so hard every day to provide for us, protect us and instill the knowledge of right from wrong. A man who puts his own needs and desires on the back burner until he’s sure we have all we need. He may realize them later or maybe not, but in the end they don’t really matter any longer. Dads seem to be forgotten on their special day. Don’t forget yours. He’s just as important as your Mom.

The landscape of the family is just as amazing as that we find in our yards. We plant, water and fertilize so that the beauty of our work is on display for our neighbors and all others to see. As we study to learn what the best management practices for our landscape and yard are we put ourselves on display. One likes roses while another cares more for gardenias. Remember as the children get out of school and we head out on vacation or other trips that our landscape still needs the same care.

Maybe your June is much like the ones I grew up with. The peas are ready for harvesting along with the butterbeans and corn. If you have more than you need it is time to put them up (can them for ya’ll that don’t know what put them up means). If you do not know how this is done, there is a lady in the county agent’s office that can help you with this. I always got the information from mom or granny but they are no longer here to advise me.

Once the garden is finished be sure to remove the old plants to eliminate the materials that pest need for survival until next year.

In the orchard the peaches, plums, blueberries and many other things are ripe for harvesting. Enjoy them but remember your care for the orchard is not over at harvest time. A late fertilization, removal of unused fruit and other debris will help you eliminate pest for next year. Keep the grass mowed and treat the fire ants.

Hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day. Best wishes from Maphis Nursery and Tree Farm. 850-638-8243.

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