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Landscapes, Gardens & More in the Florida Panhandle

MAY 2020

Where to begin…life as we knew it before COVID-19 has changed significantly. With social distancing part of our new norm, our favorite places closed and some of us staying or working from home, we have a lot more time on our hands. Here at the nursery business is booming. So many people are working in their yards, planting fruit trees and gardens. It takes me back to a time where life was hard yet simple. I can remember sitting on the front porch at Grandma’s house drinking lemonade and helping to shell peas and butterbeans. Supper would bring fresh tomatoes and cucumbers followed by watermelon for dessert. COVID-19 brings these simpler times into focus again allowing us to share our memories, experiences and skills with the next generation or two.

We have been busy here at the nursery planting our raised beds. The crops are coming along nicely as you can see in the pictures. If you have never considered raised bed gardening, I would highly recommend it and you will be pleasantly surprised at the crops you can produce. With these uncertain times and predicted food shortages time may be of the essence.

Our farm is well set up for social distancing and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. We have had customers visit just “to get out of the house”. We are so thankful that you would choose and trust us for those outings.

I hope that if, and when things go back to “normal” we remember and retain some of our newfound hobbies, remembering to plant for us, the wildlife and our earth.

Just remember, together means many different things and staying at home does too. Here in the country, together means social distancing while proceeding with shopping and having a good time and visit. Staying at home means staying out of our favorite restaurants and not visiting friends or gathering in groups. We still attend church with social distancing. No hugging and handshakes but a lot of how are you doing, and we are fine. Yes, things have changed but we can keep love, respect and caring alive and well. Until next month, visit us at the nursery or on the web at or call/text us at 850-638-8243. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and God Bless All.

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