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November 2017

November – A month of remembering and thanks.

November is the month that we finish with the harvest and get ready for colder weather. In today’s world, most of us no longer live on a farm, although we still perform many related tasks. Mow the grass for the last time. Finish picking up the pecans. Freeze proof the water pipes. Kill the last of the fire ant beds and get ready for fall celebrations.

Veterans Day is November 11th and this is the day we celebrate and honor the men and women who have served in our military forces that has kept this nation free. We remember family members that have served their country in the past and those who are doing so now. Dad was in world war ll. We lost his brother in the Philippines. An uncle served in the Korean conflict. I served during the Vietnam era. My son later served and was in Korea. Some of you and your children are still serving. We honor you for this service. But let us not forget the family that follows the service person at home or where they are stationed. Along with us, these are the people that our service personnel are working to protect. They are the ones waiting and moving from station to station to support our people who are serving. Be sure to pass your gratitude along to these families on Veterans Day.

Near the end of November is a special day of celebration. We get ready and celebrate a day of thanksgiving. As we reflect on school days we remember that Native Americans and new people(pilgrims) who had been on American soil for only a short time came together to give thanks for a harvest that would see them through the winter months. Today we have turned this into a special day of thanks that we celebrate with family and friends. It is time to gather a large mess of those greens we have been growing along with the last of other things from the garden and prepare a feast. A trip to the store for a turkey, ham or other special thing that has become a family tradition will help complete the meal. One of the children will make a pumpkin pie and Grandma will be there with her pecan pie. Many special dishes will be prepared and shared along with stories and memories. All will give thanks as they see fit for the bounty of the harvest and the good times that have been enjoyed. The day would not be complete without remembering those who have gone on before us who we have celebrated with many times.

November is a time of remembering and giving thanks for all we have. Be sure the neighbors around you have plenty to help them celebrate. After all the first Thanksgiving was a time of sharing so that no one would be hungry. Remember the veterans and their families, your friends and loved ones who are gone and give thanks to all the people around you that have helped make this country so great. “As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” From Joshua 24:15. We give thanks to God who has provided it all.

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