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Landscapes, Gardens & More in the Florida Panhandle


October is here and so is fall. The leaves are changing in the north and we are getting ready to celebrate many fall events. The weather is still warm but there is a promise of cooler weather. I would love to get up to a cool morning with a dry low humidity day.

Mums are the flower of the month and available at many locations. The nursery is receiving their first shipment the first week of October. Come by and look at them along with many other fall plants. The farm is working on the Christmas tree crop for the year and it looks like we will have plenty. All the rain this year has caused some root rot and those trees are being removed and new ones planted. We will also have Frasier Fir trees from up north for you to choose from as well. Tree sale will begin at 1:00 pm Thanksgiving afternoon.

For all who need extra information on their citrus trees, we will have a class the evening of November 8, 2018 at 6:00 pm. Be sure to reserved your spot for the class with Carrie at 850-638-8243. Cost will be $20.00 per person. Bring photos, leaves and other plant parts you need the instructors to look at and diagnosis for you. The class will cover homeowner citrus problems and freeze protection.

We had our raised bed class for fall gardening on September 22 and it went very well. Below is a photo of the bed that was planted. You can plant any of the green vegetables such as collards, mustard, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, rutabagas, lettuce, cabbage and many others. Pick the ones you like and get started for a fall festival of greens for Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to involve the children and grandchildren so they can bring something to the table also.

Deer hunters are getting ready for the season. It is time to get to the pecans before the squirrels do and to enjoy the last of the pears and Japanese Persimmons before the backyard deer finish them off. My chestnut trees have been dropping nuts for a while and the squirrels and deer are in competiton for who will eat the most. I harvested a few for seed and the family to eat.

If we can help you at the nursery be sure and contact us at 850-638-8243, maphistreefarm@bellsouth,net, or visit with us on Facebook.

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