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Why Should I Buy A Live Christmas Tree?

Live trees are a renewable and recyclable resource.

On average there are 25-30 million Christmas trees sold annually in the United States. Almost all of them are grown on US soil in all 50 states. For every real tree harvested, one to three seedlings are planted in its place. After Christmas, trees are usually dropped of at designated locations that recycle the trees into mulch that can be used in flower beds.

Live trees promote American jobs.

There are currently 350 million trees being grown by 15,000 growers on 1 million acres in the US. These tree farms/plantations employ 100,000 Americans.

Live trees have a positive environmental impact.

Live Christmas trees provide the clean air we need to breathe. One acre of planted Christmas trees will produce enough oxygen for 18 people per day. In addition, they provide numerous sheltered habitats for an array of wildlife. Contrary to artificial trees, real trees are biodegradable.

Live trees reduce and relieves holiday stress.

Nothing says relaxation like being outdoors with friends and family searching for your perfect Christmas tree. Each tree, like us, is very unique and brings a feeling of calm through sight, touch and smell, lowering stress levels.

Live trees represent family traditions and memories of Christmases past.

Today families choosing their live tree is not only generational, but is inheritable and transferable. Some of you remember that special outing each year as you were growing up, and for others it is a new tradition being started for your young family. From the sights and smells of nature to quality family time being spent, nothing says Christmas like a real tree.

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