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Welcome to Maphis Nursery & Tree Farm

Maphis Tree Farm may seem an odd name for a plant nursery, but Brenda and I started our business as a part-time "Choose and Cut" Christmas tree farm. In 1995, our oldest grandchild, Benjamin, and I started planting Christmas trees. Brenda took one look at what Benjamin and I were doing, and ask me if I was crazy. December of 1999 was our first sale's year. We were open on the weekends until Christmas and sold about $700.00 worth of trees. The next year we did this amount in the first two weekends. Brenda no longer thought I was crazy. We continued doing Christmas trees until 2005. We had retired and were looking for additional income. Brenda went back to work and we started a nursery. And so, Maphis Nursery and Tree Farm was born. Soon after, Brenda had to come home and help. The family business was growing. The business has grown and evolved into a Christmas Tree Farm, Nursery, Landscaping & Irrigation installation and repair operation. Tommy, our son, joined us in 2008 and now handles Maphis Irrigation and Landscaping. In August of 2014, our daughter, Carrie joined the family business as well. She manages the nursery, allowing Brenda to have some free time. But don't worry, you will still see Brenda in and out from time to time. On November 20, 2014 we were awarded Farm Family of the Year and in 2015 we received the Washington County Agricultural Innovator Award. In January of 2018 we formally changed our name to Maphis Nursery & Tree Farm, LLC. In the spring of 2019 one of our granddaughters, Breanna (Carrie's daughter) joined our team full time. You will also see, usually on a daily basis, our great grand children, running around supervising the crew. The only reasons that our business has been such a success is because GOD has blessed us and we have "SUPER CUSTOMERS" that have supported us as we have grown. We would like to take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU" to all of them. 

The Maphis Family

We are a full service Garden Center offering:

  • Plants – Annuals, perennials, ornamentals, indoor plants, palms, fruit trees and bedding plants. Check our “new plant arrivals” page for the latest plants to create a breath taking yard you have always dreamed of.
  • We offer In-Shop Identification of and Prescriptions for your garden problems and pests using natural organic products or chemical solutions to suit your needs. Bring us a sample of your infected plant, soil or lawn to ensure proper diagnosis. We utilize the University of Florida "IFAS" in assisting with the diagnosis.
  • Gift Shop – home decor, indoor pottery, iron art, bird feeders and much more.
  • Chemicals – a full line of pesticides and fertilizers, for those that would like to do it themselves.
  • Landscape design, we will provide suggestions for your landscape based on your photos, likes and dislikes. Professional landscape installations and maintenance are also available.
  • Landscape Consultations. Our experts will visit your home, identify opportunities for improvement, and offer written prescriptions for the problem.
  • Design and install irrigation systems.
  • Repair your existing system or assist you with parts.
  • Garden irrigation systems designed and installed or we will assist you with advice and parts to do it yourself.
Beautiful Shade & Ornamental's add curb appeal and value to your home.

Add character with shrubs to driveways and around the yard.

Fresh Citrus Grown in your Backyard will provide decades of enjoyment.

We are a full service nursery including Sprinklers, Landscaping, Sod & More.......

Bulb flowers like lilies will provide many years of pleasure.

Could there be anything better than picking fruit from your own tree?

There's nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden. Raised bed gardening offers many advantages including easy access, limited weed growth and soil control. Small home orchards are convenient as well and can be enjoyed for many years to come! Contact us today for more information.


Monday thru Saturday

 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Sunday - Closed

Call/Text: 850-638-8243

Click above for the most up to date plant care from the University of Florida

Identifying plants is as simple as clicking the question mark.

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